To bee or not to bee?
If that is the question,
then always choose to bee.
This jar of honey, contains
nature’s own superpower.
And honey, it is as good for
you, as it is good for nature.
So, always choose to bee.




El Duderino

Cocktail evenings

Tuesdays from 7 pm

Rökerigränd 1


Try the Beelicious honey in a cocktail – exclusively at El Duderino. Served in both hot and cold drinks, our sweet honey is expertly combined with the aroma and flavour of lemon, rosemary, orange bitters and aged spirits. Served as long as supplies last starting today. Don't miss out! 





Honey from Bojne Andersson's Beekeeping – a certified organic farm in Södra Liarp, Adelöv. The product contains less than 20 % water and is tested for purity. Frost-like crystalization may occur and is caused by low water contents. Store with lid on at even temperature. Do not expose to sunlight.


Beelicious is a product from NY Collective 
sold exclusively in our online store.


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